Upgrading to BioWin 4.0

(looking for an upgrade to version 4.1? click here)

When upgrading from BioWin 3.1 to BioWin 4.0 the link below will provide you with a full installation, including the latest device drivers. Please note that this upgrade will not affect older BioWin versions (BioWin 3.1 and earlier) which are separate applications. This means that users can keep their older copies of BioWin.

BioWin updater will not automatically upgrade BioWin 3.1 to BioWin 4.0. You MUST run the full installation from the link provided. Thereafter the updater will always be checking that your files are up to date.


  1. Click the download button below.
  2. Click Save to save the installation file to your computer.
  3. When the download is complete locate the installation file bw40setup.exe and run it.

Do not plug in your SafeNet Key until the installation is complete. BioWin 4.0 requires a Lease Activation Code – when you first run the program you’ll be prompted to enter the code. For lease and academic customers, your current activation code is valid for BioWin 4.0, simply enter and apply this code to activate BioWin 4.0. For purchase customers, you can click here to order the upgrade to 4.0.

Note : Files created in older versions of BioWin can be loaded in BioWin 4.0, but not the reverse. We suggest that old files opened in BioWin 4.0 should be saved in a separate directory from the original files.

download BioWin 4.0

New Developments in BioWin 4.0
We have prepared a New Developments in BioWin document for BioWin 4.0 in PDF format. This will help get you started in BioWin 4.0; more comprehensive information is provided in the manual. Click here to download the New Developments in BioWin document.