Publications 2017

Proceedings of the Water Environment Federation 90th Annual Technical Exhibition & Conference, Chigago IL, USA, September 30 – October 4, 2017

  1. Implementation of Advanced Solids Handling Process in SLC – Post Aerobic Digestion and Low Temperature Thermal Drying
    Eric Auerbach, Michelle Barry, Cory Christiansen, Rob Bryant
  1. Innovative Design Approach to Resurrect a Decommissioned WWTP to Meet Ammonia and Phosphorus Limits for Cold and Dilute Wastewater
    Saibal Basu, Rob De Koninck, Jamie Brewster, Kirk Melnick
  1. The Old Dog Learns a New Trick: Wet Weather Trickling Filters Utilized to Manage C:N Ratio of Bioreactor Feed for Improved Energy Footprint at an Advanced BNR Facility
    Tim Constantine, Carsten Steen, Søren Eriksen, Per Henrik Nielsen, Julian Sandino, Adrienne Willoughby
  1. Design and Operation of Advanced Aeration Control Systems
    Alexandra T. Doody, Maureen D. Neville
  1. Applying a Disruptive Technology: Practical Considerations for the MABR at the Ejby Molle facility in Odense, Denmark
    L.S. Downing, A. Willoughby, T. Constantine, J. Sandino, N. Uri and P. Nielsen
  1. Demonstration Scale Mixed Liquor Fermentation Investigation at TRA’s Ten Mile Creek WWTP – Operation, Performance, and Modeling
    Patrick Dunlap, Cynthia Robinson, Edmund Mach, Michael Easley, James Barnard, Betty Jordan, Jeff Caffey
  1. Operational Strategies to Minimize Ammonia Release in Anoxic Basins during Biological Nutrient Removal
    Murthy Kasi, JB Neethling, Ron Gearhart
  1. Quantification of Struvite Content of Biosolids is Necessary to Avoid Bias in the Assessment of Digester and Dewaterability Performance
    Wendell Khunjar
  1. Pushing IFAS Capacity to the Limit – Hydraulics and BNR
    Alyssa Mayer, Katya Bilyk, Ron Latimer, Charles Bott, Bob Rutherford, Amanda Ford
  1. A Case Study in the Holistic Evaluation of Wet Weather Flow Management Options for Large Scale Facilities
    Randall Boe, Manuel Moncholi, Alonso Griborio
  1. Comprehensive Wastewater Master Planning for the City of Raleigh – A Sustainable Approach for Future Growth
    Christine Polo, Katherine Weidner, Susan Auten, John Brinkley, Eileen Navarrete, TJ Lynch, Aaron Brower, Erika Bailey
  1. Full-scale Evaluation of Carbon and Energy Efficient Combined Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal with Advanced Aeration and Settleability Control
    Pusker Regmi, Kartik Chandran, Jose Jimenez
  1. Long-term Dynamic and Pseudo-State Modeling of Complete Partial Nitrification Process at high nitrogen loading rates in a Sequential Batch Reactors (SBR)
    Moomen Soliman, Ahmed Eldyasti
  1. The Prius of the Racetrack: 15 Years of Successful Ammonia-based Aeration Control at an Advanced BNR Secondary Treatment Plant Achieving Net Zero Energy
    Carsten Steen, Søren Eriksen, Per Henrik Nielsen, Tim Constantine, Julian Sandino, Adrienne Willoughby


  1. “Technomic” Comparison of Biogas-to-Energy Options for the Gold Bar WWTP
    Nicholas Szoke, Alfredo Suarez
  1. Modelling the Selective Retention of PAOs and Nitrospira (Comammox?) in a Full-Scale Implementation of WAS Hydrocyclones at the Ejby Mølle WWTP
    Nerea Uri, Per Henrik Nielsen, Adrienne Willoughby, Leon Downing, Zheqin Li, Kartik Chandran
  1. Successful Long Term Low DO Operation of a Large WWTP, Providing Reduced Effluent TN Through Increased SND
    Aprilia Vellacott, Jackie Moss, Joel Segal, Damien Sharland, David Lynch

Other Papers

  1. Modeling of Anammox Process with the BioWin Software Suite
    A. G. Dorofeeva, *, Yu. A. Nikolaeva, b, M. N. Kozlova, M. V. Kevbrinaa, A. M. Agareva, A. Yu. Kallistovab, and N. V. Pimenovb