Publications 2016

Proceedings of the Water Environment Federation 88th Annual Technical Exhibition & Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, September 24 – 28, 2016

  1. Mathematical Modeling of Glycerol Hoarders Specialist Group for Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal
    Mehran Andalib and Samuel Ledwell
  1. Mathematical Modeling of Biological Selenium Removal from Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Wastewater Treatment
    Mehran Andalib, Sara Arabi, Peter Dold, and Christopher Bye
  1. Decentralized Wastewater Collection and Advanced Treatment Technology In Christiansburg, Ohio
    Wes Anderson, Tyler J. Molatore, Brice D. Schmitmeyer, and Jerry VanAuker
  1. Competing Goals in the Future of Wastewater Treatment: Tensions Between Nutrient Removal and Net Zero Energy
    John Davis, Chandra Mysore, Randy Shaw, and Richard Lawrence
  1. A Comprehensive Evaluation of Struvite Control at the EBMUD Main Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Donald Gray, Erika Gardner, Vince De Lange, Paul Pitt, Marc Solomon, Ronald Latimer, and Irene Chu
  1. Lessons Learned from 10 years of Clarifier CFD Modeling – the 2Dc Experience
    Alonso Griborio and J. Alex McCorquodale
  1. N2O emissions from sidestream deammonification: using latest generation models to guide optimization
    Dwight Houweling, 
Tim Constantine, 
Søren Eriksen, 
Nerea Uri, and 
Mikkel Holmen Andersen
  1. An Operator’s Dream – Straight Line Dissolved Oxygen Control Plus Energy Savings
    John E. Koch, Gary Duranceau, and Chad Tesarik
  1. How I’ve Kept Effluent TN Below 1.5 mg/L Without Supplemental Carbon for 500 Days and Counting
    Jeff Mahagan and Katya Bilyk
  1. Respirometry: A Versatile In-Situ Treatment Plant Assessment Tool
    Kelly Martin, Michael Dooley, Andy Shaw, Heather Phillips, and David Osgood
 Upstream Biological Treatment for Total Nitrogen Removal in a Direct Potable Reuse Application
    Daniel Olson, Ifetayo Venner, and David Ornelas
 Model based investigation of mainstream deammonification approach and operational strategies for low C/N ratio plant after anaerobic treatment
    Pusker Regmi, Aprilia Vellacott, Jenelle Watson, Joel Segal, and Jose Jimenez
 Process intensification of a long SRT BNR plant via carbon redirection and carbon efficient nitrogen removal
    Pusker Regmi and Jose Jimenez
 Ten Years After – A Utility’s Approach to Changing the World
    Jennifer Rogers and Hal Schmidt
 A Comparison of Fine Bubble Diffused Aeration and Mixer/ Aerators at the Portland Water District’s East End WWTF
    Joe Rohrbacher, Paul Rodriguez, Scott Firmin, Steve Sloan, Deborah Mahoney, and Benjamin Levin
 Improved Settleability in a BNR Process From Hydrocyclone- induced Biomass Granulation
    Julian Sandino, Adrienne Willoughby, Dwight Houweling, Lise Havsteen, Per Nielsen, and Tim Constantine
 Circadian Amplification of Energy Consumption, its Associated Costs, and GHG Emissions in Aeration Processes
    Nasir Emami, Reza Sobhani, and Diego Rosso
 Optimizing Nutrient Removal at a 75 mgd ENR Facility – From Process Modeling to Reality
    David Wankmuller, Katya Bilyk, Paul Pitt, Evan Bowles, Dana Fredericks, Ron Latimer, Chris Tabor, James Grandstaff, Perry Greene, and Joshua Irby
 Meeting Strict Summer Permit Requirements on Day One:
 Start-up of the Western Wake Regional Water Reclamation Facility
    Chris White, Damon Forney, Barry Bickerstaff, Katya Bilyk, and David Wankmuller

Other Papers

Construction Sequencing of the Humber Treatment Plants South Secondary Plant Upgrades : Plant Staff, Design Team and Construction Specialists Deliver a Design that can be Built and Operated
    Vanessa Szonda*, Susan Atlin, Richard Szigeti, Chris Mroczek, Frank Burford, Natasha Niznik
    City Of Toronto
    Richard Waite, John Morris, Pat Coleman
    Black & Veatch
  1. Implementing a respirometry-based model into BioWin software to simulate wastewater treatment plant operations
    Rosa Vitanza, Iginio Colussi, Angelo Cortesi, Vittorino Gallo