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Consulting vs Support

The difference between support and consulting are illustrated below:

  1. Questions related to the software such as ‘How do I export my data?’, ‘What model best simulates a trickling filter?’, or ‘How do I customize my Album?’ would be considered support questions.
  2. Questions related to process engineering such as ‘How do I achieve an effluent nitrate concentration of less than 5 mg/l?’ would be better answered by our consulting services team.
Building a BioWin Model

Building a BioWin Model

Building a calibrated BioWin model involves configuration of the model and calibration against historical plant data. Typical data required are:

  • Physical plant dimensions
  • Plant operating data such as recycle rates and DO concentrations
  • Influent flow and loading data
  • Influent wastewater characteristics

A good overview of a structured modeling approach is provided in “Region-wide Wastewater Treatment Plant Modeling Enhances Facility Management and Planning’, Bye et al“. A comprehensive explanation can be found in the WERF manual ‘Methods for Wastewater Characterization in Activated Sludge Modeling’.

BioWin Tutorials

BioWin Tutorials

BioWin tutorials are designed to give you a good foundation on which to build your modeling expertise. They can be found in the BioWin Tutorials folder (File/Open/Tutorials/). Detailed explanations of the tutorials can be found in the BioWin Help under Tutorials.

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BioWin Advantage

BioWin Advantage

BioWin Advantage is an e-newsletter issued regularly by EnviroSim designed to facilitate knowledge transfer to BioWin users. In each edition a case study approach is applied to highlight BioWin features that will enhance your competitive advantage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of commonly asked questions we have received from prospective users of BioWin. It is a good place to start to get some basic information about installing BioWin.

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Publications and References

BioWin is used and referenced in papers throughout the industry. Click here to browse a sample of these papers.

Contact Support

Contact Us

Software support is included in the cost of an annual license. The most effective manner of obtaining support is via email to Please send your questions and attach the BioWin file to the email. In this way we can be viewing the exact system while working on the issue.

EnviroSim software support is focused on ensuring that our customers are getting the most productive use of our modeling software suite. Our support team is here to help with product use, product functionality and product configuration questions.

For more complex challenges related to wastewater process engineering, we offer consulting services to assist customers with their modeling efforts.

If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email support or contact us through e-mail, phone, or fax.