Setting Up Whole Plant Models – Live Webinar : Single Organization


This live webinar-style introductory training is 16 hours, usually offered in 4 x 4 hour blocks.

Maximum attendance : 6



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This 16-hour course is an efficient way to get new users up to speed.

Course program:

BioWin Familiarization

  • The interface
  • Elements
  • Physical and operational data
  • Influent loading
  • Model options

Building a Configuration

  • Primary settling tanks
  • 3-pass activated sludge with FSTs
  • Steady state simulations
  • Setting up tables and charts

Upgrade for Nutrient Removal

  • Unaerated reactors and internal recycles
  • Factors impacting BNR
  • N and P removal interactions
  • SRT and sludge mass distribution

Wastewater Characteristics

    • COD fractionation
    • TKN fractionation

BioWin Examples

  • Examples of different configurations
  • MBRs, SBRs, oxidation ditch, etc.

BNR Dynamic Performance

  • Diurnal influent loading
  • Running dynamic simulations
  • Time-series charts
  • Temperature and nitrification performance

Modeling of Diffused Aeration Systems

  • Oxygen Transfer Parameters
  • SOTE Plots
  • Diffuser Density

Aeration Simulation

  • Air flow
  • Local aeration parameters
  • DO sag

BioWin Controller Module

  • Aeration Control

Secondary Clarifiers

  • Sludge settleability measures
  • Settler modeling

Modeling Secondary Clarifiers

  • FST solids profile
  • State point analysis (SPA) diagram
  • SLR and SOR
  • RAS flow

Solids Treatment Train

  • Sludge thickening
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Return streams