New and Useful Features in BioWin (2hrs)


Model Options + Features

  • Sulfur Modeling
  • Modeling Industrial Organics
  • Colloidal COD/Metal Interactions
  • Iron Oxidation/Reduction Reactions
  • Cellulose
  • Source Separated Organics

Usability features

  • Mass balance information on specific elements
  • Kinetic/rate information on specific elements
  • Customizing BioWin
  • Numerical solver settings
  • Decoupled Linear Search
  • Conservative solver settings
  • Adjusting DLS Solver Initial Size
  • Complex Seed
  • TWO-STEP steady state solution
  • Drawing Toolbar
  • Report to Excel
  • Flowsheet Tags
  • Integrated Influent Specifier
  • Transpose Tables
  • Optional Alarms
  • Set All Parameters to Defaults

Academic Discount (-$75.00)

Academic BioWin users are entitled to a significant discount. To qualify, please download an Academic Permission Form, have it signed by a professor at your institution, and upload it via the button below.

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