Advanced Topics with BioWin


The advanced BioWin course is designed to cover a range of topics on application of BioWin. The assumption is that the majority of attendees are “experienced” BioWin users. The primary objectives are to provide information on certain model details, and to cover a range of example applications of BioWin.

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A certain degree of customization is possible with the advanced course.

Please contact EnviroSim to discuss the needs of your organization. The case studies and discussions may cover some of the following topics:

Review of Useful Features in BioWin

  • The interface
  • Customizing BioWin
  • New elements
  • Model options
  • Mass balance / Kinetic information
  • Numerical solver settings
  • Ash content of biomass

pH Modeling

  • Aerobic digestion of WAS
  • Lime addition for pH control
  • On/off aeration

BioWin Controller Module

  • Aeration control

Methanol Addition

  • Model considerations
  • Accounting for methanol consumption
  • System start-up

Aeration Systems

  • Fine versus coarse bubble
  • Gas phase modeling

Membrane Bioreactors

  • Setup in BioWin
  • Nutrient removal MBRs

Biofilm Modeling

  • Model basis
  • IFAS system

Anaerobic Digestion

  • Glucose and gas production
  • State variable input
  • Combined primary and waste sludge
  • Adjusting VSS destruction
  • Primary sludge fermentation

Struvite Precipitation

  • Struvite
  • HDP
  • HAP
  • In-digester and post-digester formation

Chemical Phosphorus Precipitation

  • Ferric / alum

Sidestream Treatment

  • Digester return stream
  • Two-step nitrification
  • Two-step denitrification
  • Anammox

SBR Systems

  • SBR modules
  • WERF wastewater characterization system

Oxidation Ditch Systems

  • Ditch recirculation rate
  • Surface aerators
  • BNR in oxidation ditches
  • SND – simultaneous nitrification denitrification