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Current version : released 6.22.2023

EnviroSim software products are used by engineering consultants, municipalities, and educational institutions around the world.


The BioWin simulator is used world-wide in the analysis and design of municipal wastewater treatment plants. BioWin whole plant modeling provides process insights that reduce capital costs and operating expenses.

BioWin is a wastewater treatment process simulator that ties together biological, chemical, and physical process models. BioWin is used world-wide to design, upgrade, and optimize wastewater treatment plants of all types. The core of BioWin is the proprietary biological model which is supplemented with other process models (e.g. water chemistry models for calculation of pH, mass transfer models for oxygen modelling and other gas-liquid interactions). The BioWin model is owned, developed, and supported exclusively by EnviroSim and is the original “whole plant” model.

In addition to incorporating the most powerful model on the market, BioWin offers unsurpassed ease of use. Use the BioWin Album to capture your simulation project results with informative tables and charts. Customize your work environment to suit your needs with options such as default unit systems, flowsheet display preferences, and auto-save settings. Generate comprehensive reports automatically using BioWin’s Excel and Word reporting features.

BioWin’s online help system and tutorials provide comprehensive assistance to get you started. BioWin also comes with many pre-configured process flowsheet layouts that you can leverage to suit your project needs. You will also gain access to EnviroSim’s unparalleled customer support – our collective process modeling expertise is second to none.


BW Controller

The BW Controller augments BioWin models with a range of process control simulation capabilities commonly employed in wastewater treatment systems. BW Controller enables evaluation of improvements in online measurement technology, and development of more sophisticated control strategies.

Flexible and easy to implement, BW Controller simulates advanced control strategies and various controller types to provide process control insight into BioWin models. BW Controller helps evaluate recent improvements in online measurement and control technology and develop innovative and feasible control systems for sustainable wastewater treatment.

The BW Controller allows simulation of advanced process control strategies such as:

  • Setting dissolved oxygen setpoint levels based on reactor ammonia concentration. The dissolved oxygen concentration itself is then controlled by manipulating the air flow rate.
  • Control of mixed liquor recycle stream flow rate based on effluent nitrate concentration.
  • Control mixed liquor suspended solids concentrations by adjusting wastage flow rate.
  • Using pH measurements to adjust/switch air flow to control sidestream nitrogen removal processes.
  • Change chemical dosing rates based on influent and effluent flows or concentrations.
  • Adjusting on/off aeration periods to maintain alkalinity/pH levels.

A range of controller types can be selected:

  • On/Off control
  • High/Low control
  • High/Low/Zero control
  • Ratio control
  • Proportional (P)
  • Proportional-Integral (PI)
  • Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID)



Printable Information

Do you need to print out some introductory information on BioWin?

The quickest way to do this is to use the links below to open or save documents we have prepared in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have it, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What's New in
BioWin 6.2

This 7-page document details the new developments in BioWin 6.2 and is is available in printable format.

BioWin Pricing Summary

A document which summarizes BioWin and BW Controller perpetual and annual license information.

BioWin General Brochure

This 2-page brochure contains some introductory information and pictures of BioWin.

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BW Controller

This 2-page brochure brochure contains some introductory information and pictures of BW Controller.

BW Controller Quick Feature Tour

A 17-page document introducing some BW Controller features.

License Options

EnviroSim wastewater process simulation software packages are offered as a consecutive annual license or a perpetual license.

Annual License

Annual Licenses are on a consecutive annual basis and must be kept active. All active Annual Licenses receive free updates and on-going technical support. 

Perpetual License

One year of updates and technical support is included with each Perpetual License. The Perpetual License Upgrade provides the latest version of software and an additional year of technical support. 

Academic License

EnviroSim offers individual or network academic licenses to accredited universities at considerable discounts. These licenses are intended only for the purposes of teaching and education.

Please contact EnviroSim for more information or to place an order


Please ensure that you have read the BioWin End Users License Agreement before placing your order.