Investigating Chemical Phosphorus Removal in BioWin 6 (1 hr)

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This free content will be exploring modeling of chemical phosphorus (P) removal in BioWin 6.

BioWin 6 incorporates a new model for chemical P removal with metal salts addition. Detailed information about the new chemical P removal model is found in Appendix A.  We will look at the basic requirements and important checks for setting up a configuration with metal salts addition for P removal. We will then look at a configuration to investigate the efficiency of chemical P removal.

  • New Chemical P Removal Model in Brief
  • Setting Up Metal Addition – Important Checks
  • Investigating Chemical Phosphorus Removal with Ferric
  • Optimizing Chemical Phosphorus Removal
  • Appendix A
    • Chemical Phosphorus Removal with Iron Salts
    • Chemical Phosphorus Removal with Aluminum Salts
  • Appendix B

Course files can be downloaded via the materials link above.