Introduction to BioWin

Setting Up Whole Plant Models

  • 2-day interactive course
  • US$725 per person at our Hamilton, Ontario offices

BioWin is very easy to learn. With the online tutorials and resources in the online help, an engineer only needs a few hours of familiarization. However, the most efficient way to get new users up to speed is through an intensive training course which covers BioWin as well as touches on various process engineering aspects.

Course Information

Course Format

The introductory training course has the following format:

  • Attendees will need to bring their own laptop computers for the hands on sessions, but we will provide copies of BioWin for the duration of the course.
  • Two day (16 hour) course.
  • The course is hands-on and consists of a series of case studies designed to demonstrate BioWin features.
  • The orientation of the case studies leans towards nutrient removal systems, but many of the topics are quite general. An associated focus is wastewater characterization and estimation/measurement of these characteristics as well as nitrification rates.
  • We supply course manuals, a number of spreadsheets used as “tools” and a light lunch on both days.
  • The number of attendees is usually in the range of 10 to 12.
Course program
BioWin Familiarization

  • The interface
  • Elements
  • Physical and operational data
  • Influent loading
  • Model options

Building a Configuration

  • Primary settling tanks
  • 3-pass activated sludge with FSTs
  • Steady state simulations
  • Setting up tables and charts

Upgrade for Nutrient Removal

  • Unaerated reactors and internal recycles
  • Factors impacting BNR
  • N and P removal interactions
  • SRT and sludge mass distribution

Wastewater Characteristics

  • COD fractionation
  • TKN fractionation

BioWin Examples

  • Examples of different configurations
  • MBRs, SBRs, oxidation ditch, etc.

BNR Dynamic Performance

  • Diurnal influent loading
  • Running dynamic simulations
  • Time-series charts
  • Temperature and nitrification performance
Modelling of Diffused Aeration Systems

  • Oxygen Transfer Parameters
  • SOTE Plots
  • Diffuser Density

Aeration Simulation

  • Air flow
  • Local aeration parameters
  • DO sag

BioWin Controller Module

  • Aeration Control

Secondary Clarifiers

  • Sludge settleability measures
  • Settler modelling

Modelling Secondary Clarifiers

  • FST solids profile
  • State point analysis (SPA) diagram
  • SLR and SOR
  • RAS flow

Solids Treatment Train

  • Sludge thickening
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Return streams
Listing of Course Dates
On-site Private Customer Training

On-site customer training is available as a cost-effective option for large groups:

  • Optimum group size is 6 to 12, maximum of 12.
  • Client provides the venue (e.g. a board room with a screen or wall for projection) and the necessary number of PCs.
  • Course cost is US $4,500 plus direct expenses (airfare, two nights hotel, etc.).

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