Energy and Operating Costs in Wastewater Treatment

Energy and Opex Training

  • 1-day interactive course
  • US$475 per person at our Hamilton, Ontario offices

A one-day course exploring energy and operating expense strategies.

Course Information

Course Format

The Energy and Opex training course has the following format:

  • One day (8 hour) course.
  • The course is hands-on and consists of a series of case studies designed to demonstrate Energy and Opex features in BioWin.
  • We supply course manuals and a light lunch.
  • The number of attendees is usually in the range of 8 to 10
  • Attendees will need to bring their own laptop computers for the hands on sessions, but we will provide copies of BioWin for the duration of the course.
Course program

A one-day course exploring energy and operating expense strategies.

  • BioWin 5 enables users to capture a plant-wide inventory of power demand. For example, BioWin will calculate blower power requirements, taking into account factors such as inlet air temperature and relative humidity, pressure losses in the air delivery system, etc. Pumping power may also be tracked, accounting for detailed factors such as pipe material and diameter for dynamic head losses. Miscellaneous mechanical power for various treatment flowsheet elements also may be tracked.
  • To complement this new functionality, BioWin also includes the facility to easily implement up to three different electricity tariff rates over the day, and these patterns can be different across two “seasons” (e.g. summer and winter). With the additional ability to explore onsite power generation and heat recovery via CHP, tracking of other costs including consumables (e.g. methanol and metal salts) and sludge disposal, BioWin 5 has expanded capability as a plant management tool.
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On-site Private Customer Training

On-site customer training is available as a cost-effective option for large groups:

  • Optimum group size is 6 to 12, maximum of 12.
  • Client provides the venue (e.g. a board room with a screen or wall for projection) and the necessary number of PCs.
  • Course cost is US $2,750 plus direct expenses (airfare, two nights hotel, etc.).

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