NOVEMBER 2018 : BioWin Training in Florida

EnviroSim has scheduled 3 days of BioWin training in Florida, USA – please click through the link below to register  :

City of Tavares Utilities Operations
1000 Captain Haynes Road,
Tavares, FL 32778


Modelling as a Design and Optimization Tool

  • Simulation objectives

BioWin Familiarization

  • The interface
  • Elements
  • Physical and operational data
  • Influent loading
  • Model options

Building a Configuration

  • Primary settling tanks
  • 3-pass activated sludge with FSTs
  • Steady state simulations
  • Setting up tables and charts

Upgrade for Nutrient Removal

  • Unaerated reactors and internal recycles
  • Factors impacting BNR
  • N and P removal interactions
  • SRT and sludge mass distribution

Wastewater Characteristics

  • COD fractionation
  • TKN fractionation
  • Measuring WWCs

BioWin Examples

  • Examples of different configurations
  • MBRs, SBRs, oxidation ditch, etc.

BNR Dynamic Performance

  • Diurnal influent loading
  • Running dynamic simulations
  • Time-series charts
  • Temperature and nitrification performance

Modelling of Diffused Aeration Systems

  • Oxygen Transfer Parameters
  • SOTE Plots
  • Diffuser Density,

Aeration Simulation

  • Air flow
  • Local aeration parameters
  • DO sag
  • BioWin Controller Module (Demonstration) On/off aeration control
  • PI Control

Secondary Clarifiers

  • Sludge settleability measures
  • Settler modelling

Modelling Secondary Clarifiers

  • FST solids profile
  • State point analysis (SPA) diagram
  • SLR and SOR
  • RAS flow

Solids Treatment Train

  • Sludge thickening
  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Return streams

Anaerobic Digestion

  • Glucose and gas production
  • State variable input
  • Combined primary and waste sludge
  • Adjusting VSS destruction
  • Anaerobic Digestion III
  • Primary sludge fermentation

Struvite Precipitation

  • Struvite, HDP, HAP
  • In-digester and post-digester formation

pH Modeling

  • Aerobic digestion of WAS
  • Lime addition for pH control
  • On/off aeration

BioWin Controller Module

  • Aeration control
  • WERF wastewater characterization system
  • Ditch recirculation rate
  • Surface aerators
  • BNR in oxidation ditches
  • SND – simultaneous nitrification denitrification


  • WERF wastewater characterization system

Oxidation Ditch Systems

  • Ditch recirculation rate
  • Surface aerators
  • BNR in oxidation ditches
  • SND – simultaneous nitrification denitrification

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