APRIL 2020 : Two-Day BioWin Training in Nebraska


EnviroSim has scheduled 2 days of BioWin Training in Omaha, Nebraska for April 13-14, 2020. Click here to Register Now! US$725

This training is being conducted as a pre-function to the Nebraska Water Environment Association’s Great Plains Conference to be held on April 15th-16th at the same venue. Attendance at the conference is not necessary to register for the BioWin training, although you can register independently for both if you desire to attend each event. The Great Plains Conference is a two-day professional conference with regional presentations from engineering consultants, utilities, and regulatory staff on the topics of wastewater treatment, wastewater collections, stormwater, and regulatory compliance. Please visit www.nebwea.org to learn more, see the agenda of presentations, and for registration links.

NOTE : Signing up for the BioWin course does not automatically register you for the conference – to do so, please visit the conference web site using the link above. Accommodation must also be booked separately and is the responsibility of each attendee.

This 2-day course is an efficient way to get new users up to speed.

  • Building a Basic BNR model
    • Key concepts in modeling
    • Factors that impact BNR
    • SRT and sludge mass distribution
    • Charting model results
  • Wastewater Characterization
    • COD and TKN fractionation
  • Dynamic BNR Modeling
    • Dynamic data input (eg. diurnal influent loading)
    • Dynamic model performance and analysis
    • Time-series charts and dynamic results output
  • Modeling Diffused Aeration Systems
    • Air flow requirements
    • Impact of diffuser density, tank depth and operating conditions
    • SOTE plots
  • Secondary Clarifiers
    • Settler modeling
    • Sludge settleability measures
    • State point analysis and solids profiles
  • Solids Treatment
    • Sludge thickening
    • Anaerobic digestion
    • Impact of return streams