BioWin Patch : (November 2019)

Today we have released a patch for BioWin 6 that will update to version

This patch incorporates changes in the following areas of BioWin 6:

  • Parameter changes impacting chemical phosphorus removal using ferric salts
  • The new integrated Influent Specifier

A brief outline of the changes is given in the following sections. For more information, please download the documents referenced in each section.

Chemical Phosphorus Parameter Changes

Since the release of BioWin 6 we have been doing further assessment of the model predictions. Based on this, we are changing three default model parameters that impact ferric addition. Briefly, our assessment has indicated that the default parameters in versions and earlier may result in predictions for ferric dosing that are somewhat conservative. For more information, please read this document.

Integrated Influent Specifier

The BioWin manual has been expanded to include comprehensive documentation on the new integrated Influent Specifier. That material may be found in the section: General Operation > Integrated Influent Specifier. You can also download the section as a standalone PDF document here.

We have also made some changes to the integrated Influent Specifier that make its use / operation more consistent with BioWin and the previous spreadsheet versions. For example, the particulate degradable COD:VSS ratio is no longer calculated by the specifier; rather, it is an editable parameter as it is in BioWin.

Finally, we have made some changes to the specifier that should improve its sizing behavior on laptop-sized displays.

You can update using the automatic updater or by downloading the latest version here.