BioWin Patch : (December 2016)


BioWin 5.1 was released in early October. The main feature of the new version is the game-changing speed improvement, for both steady state and dynamic simulations. We’ve had great feedback from many users. Soon after the release of BioWin 5.1 we issued a patch.  That was mainly to correct an interaction between BioWin and the BW Controller that popped up under a certain set of conditions - something that had escaped us in testing.

The speed improvement is an ongoing process. We are working on several fronts that will bring further speed benefits over the next few months. During this process we will release minor updates as and when significant improvements have been implemented and tested. The objective is to get the benefits to you as quickly as possible.

Today we are releasing one of these BioWin 5.1 updates. This gives a significant speed improvement for dynamic simulations with unaerated reactors when the “oxygen modeling” option is switched on. In many cases there now is little difference in execution speed whether this option is switched on or off.  We've also implemented speed improvements for anaerobic digester dynamic simulations.

Today’s release includes one minor patch relating to the BW Controller. Several users had encountered a COM error when linking to the BW Controller. This only happened with users using an older version of the hardware dongle. That has been resolved.

We are delighted with the speed improvements and the increased productivity this brings to users. Development of BioWin 5.2 is well underway. That version will mainly include enhancements to tracking of energy consumption and recovery, and operating costs.

Download update here :


After installing, if you check Help/About you should see that the file version is