EnviroSim Announces BioWin 4.1.1

Following the release of BioWin 4.1 in August 2014, EnviroSim is pleased to announce the release of BioWin 4.1.1. In this release, we have greatly enhanced the utility and functionality of BioWin’s internal Notes Editor. Sharing information about your models with your colleagues is an important part of project workflow. Traditionally, many of us have shared “notes” about our models using email. Now there is a better way - using BioWin’s internal Notes Editor!

  • Any notes you add with BioWin’s Notes Editor are now saved internally to the BioWin file, just like all other modeling results. If notes have been added to a file, BioWin automatically displays these when the file is opened, facilitating knowledge transfer.
  • The Notes Editor has gained significant functionality and now has full Rich Text Format (RTF) capability. Project notes can now contain tables, screenshots from the BioWin Album, and other useful formatting components. The notes also can be easily exported to Word, to streamline your project reporting workflow.