MAY 2014 : Biowin Training in Dubai, UAE

EnviroSim has scheduled three days of BioWin Training Courses at the Hyatt Regency in Dubai UAE :

SETTING UP WHOLE PLANT MODELS : May 19-21, 2014 (register here)

NOTE : In addition, we can offer a one-day BW Controller course on May 22, 2014 focusing on Aeration System Optimization. If you would be interested in this additional BW Controller course, please add your name to this list. The BWC course availability will be determined by the number of names received.

Topics for the Setting Up Whole Plant Models course will be drawn from the following list :

  • Course Introduction
  • Modeling And Simulation
  • Biowin Familiarization
  • Building A Configuration
  • Upgrade For Nutrient Removal
  • Wastewater Characteristics
  • Bnr Dynamics
  • Modeling Of Diffused Aeration Systems
  • Aeration Simulation
  • Secondary Clarifiers
  • Secondary Clarifier Simulation
  • Solids Train
  • Ph Modeling
  • Biowin Controller Module
  • Methanol Addition
  • Aeration Case Study
  • Membrane Bioreactors
  • Ifas System – Biofilm Modeling
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Struvite Precipitation
  • Chemical P Precipitation (Ferric / Alum)
  • Sidestream Treatment
  • Sbr Systems
  • Oxidation Ditch Systems