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EnviroSim Associates Ltd.

Developers of BioWin

Leading edge wastewater modeling software

Current version : released 6.22.2023

Who We Are

EnviroSim was incorporated in 1990. Our offices and laboratory are located in the Hamilton Technology Centre in Flamborough, Ontario, Canada. We develop and support wastewater treatment plant simulation software.

Our software is used by consulting engineering companies and utilities around the world for the design and optimization of wastewater treatment plants (municipal and industrial).

What We Do

Our flagship product is BioWin. BioWin is a wastewater treatment process simulator that ties together biological, chemical, and physical process models. BioWin is used worldwide to design, upgrade, and optimize wastewater treatment plants of all types. The core of BioWin is our proprietary biological model which is supplemented with other process models (e.g. water chemistry models for calculation of pH and precipitation reactions, mass transfer models for oxygen modeling and other gas-liquid interactions).

The BioWin model is owned, developed, and supported exclusively by EnviroSim. EnviroSim staff have extensive experience solving treatment plant process problems, optimizing performance, and in treatment plant process design. EnviroSim support their clients through training seminars, software support, and involvement in project teams where our tools are being applied.

Where We Are