APRIL/MAY 2017 - BioWin Training Abu Dhabi

EnviroSim has scheduled five days of BioWin Training at the Crowne Plaza (Yas Plaza, Yas Island) in Abu Dhabi

Training room location : Al Waha Meeting Room at the Crowne Plaza, Yas Plaza, Yas Island.

Contact at the facility (NOTE : if you wish to book a room, please contact the hotel directly below – there is a special rate available to EnviroSim course attendees of AED 375/night)

  • Contact person : Nicole Aslou
  • Contact phone number : +971 2 656 3164
  • Contact email : nicole.aslou@ihg.com
  • Fax :+971 2 6563001

Topics for the Setting Up Whole Plant Models course will be drawn from the following list :

  • Course Introduction
  • Modeling And Simulation
  • Biowin Familiarization
  • Building A Configuration
  • Upgrade For Nutrient Removal
  • Wastewater Characteristics
  • Bnr Dynamics
  • Modeling Of Diffused Aeration Systems
  • Aeration Simulation
  • Secondary Clarifiers
  • Secondary Clarifier Simulation
  • Solids Train
  • Ph Modeling
  • Biowin Controller Module
  • Methanol Addition
  • Aeration Case Study
  • Membrane Bioreactors
  • Ifas System – Biofilm Modeling
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Struvite Precipitation
  • Chemical P Precipitation (Ferric / Alum)
  • Sidestream Treatment
  • Sbr Systems
  • Oxidation Ditch Systems

BW Controller is a powerful tool that can be used to design and evaluate real-time process control strategies for wastewater treatment plant optimization. It also has strong built-in tools that simplify design and evaluation of aeration control systems. BW Controller is an add-on application to BioWin or PetWin+ and provides deeper insight into your BioWin/PetWin+ simulations without compromising on ease of use.

The course will cover following topics:

  • Introduction to process control fundamentals
  • General setup and operation of the BW Controller
  • Various hands-on examples of control strategy implementations like:
    • Level control
    • Aerobic digestion aeration control
    • Carbon dosage control
    • Aeration control based on dissolved oxygen
    • Aeration control based on DO and ammonia

BioWin User Group Meeting

Please join us on Thursday May 4th at the Crowne Plaza on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi to engage in group discussions with fellow BioWin users (both new and experienced). Learn more about the functionality and practical applications of BioWin, and speak with EnviroSim’s Peter Dold on general or specific modeling issues or simulation requirements.

Lunch,  + morning and afternoon Tea, Coffee and pastries will be provided





MAY 2017 : BioWin Training in Milan, Italy

EnviroSim is pleased to announce an upcoming BioWin training course in Milan, Italy to take place May 24-25, 2017. The training session is organized by the Chartered Engineering Association in Bologna, Italy in collaboration with EnviroSim and HR Wallingford (BioWin distributor in Italy). A minimum of ten confirmed registrants will be required in order for the course to move ahead. The course will be taught in English with immediate translation into Italian, and will allow accreditation of 13 CFP for engineers.

This flyer provides detailed information on the program and enrollment procedures.

Participants are invited to contact us [read more…]

BioWin 5.2 Patch Released

The patch released today (BioWin fixes an error when editing old stlye PST elements, and fixes incorrect units for volumetric cost in sludge element. You can update using BioWin’s automatic updater or by downloading the latest version here.

BioWin 5.2 Patch Released

A small issue where a portion of the Operation tab of the Ideal Primary Settling Tank was not displaying properly has been fixed by a patch released today (BioWin You can update using BioWin’s automatic updater or by downloading the latest version here.

EnviroSim Releases BioWin 5.2

Download BioWin 5.2

The EnviroSim team is pleased to announce the release of BioWin 5.2.

BioWin 5.2 contains many exciting new updates that build upon the energy and operating cost features first introduced in BioWin 5.0, further expanding its capability as a plant management tool, and for comparing design alternatives.

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EnviroSim 推出中文版BioWin 5.1

EnviroSim 最 新 推 出 BioWin 5.1 的 中 文 版 ,用 户 可 在 以 下 链 接 进 行 下 载 www.envirosim.com/CHS/bw51setup.exe,安 装 之 后,将 Window 系 统 语 言 设 置 为 中 文 即 可 使 用 最 新 的 中 文 版 BioWin。

最 新 的 中 文 版 在 功 能 上 与 英 文 版 一 致 , 相 对 老 版 本 新 增 的 功 能 请 参 考 《 BioWin 5.1 的 新 进 展 》 , 同 时 对 老 版 本 的 中 文 专 业 用 [read more…]

MARCH 2017 : BioWin Training in Hamilton

EnviroSim has scheduled 4 days of BioWin Training in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for March 6-10, 2017.

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Graphical Issues Resolved

On December 15th, we sent out a news release related to possible graphics issues in BioWin after a recent Microsoft Windows update. We have found a way to accommodate this problem in BioWin.

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Graphical Issues Following Microsoft Update

A few days ago, Microsoft released a patch that seems to be causing graphics issues for some users. The graphical issues may manifest as “black bands” that appear when you click on white space in BioWin’s drawing board as shown in the screen capture below.

We are investigating this,

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Further Biowin 5.1 Speed Enhancements

BioWin 5.1 was released in early October. The main feature of the new version is the game-changing speed improvement, for both steady state and dynamic simulations. We’ve had great feedback from many users. Soon after the release of BioWin 5.1 we issued a patch.  That was mainly to correct an interaction between BioWin and the BW Controller that popped up under a certain set of conditions – something that had escaped us in testing.

The speed improvement is an ongoing process. We are working on several fronts that will bring further speed benefits over the next few [read more…]